7 Best Coach Diaper Bags for Moms

Best Coach Diaper Bags

Are you a mom or expectant mom who doesn’t want to sacrifice style and luxury when it comes to toting around the essential baby and toddler gear? Then a Coach diaper bag might be exactly what you are looking for. Coach has several beautifully high-quality diaper bags that provide all of the comfort and function that you would need while giving you that stamp of luxury to set you apart from the other mamas. In this article we will break the best Coach diaper bags for moms, expectant moms, moms with newborns, as well as moms with young toddlers are kids.

What to Look for in Good Diaper Bag

Quality: Diaper bags typically take a beating. They are used daily and are typically packed to the brim with every essential newborn or toddler item you can think of. That is why high-quality material and construction are key to a great diaper bag.

Function: As a mom with either a newborn or toddler, you carry several different kinds of items on the go (bottles, water bottles, snacks, diapers, wipes, sanitizer, extra clothes, your wallet, phone, keys, etc.). So having a diaper bag with the proper compartments to functionally store everything for easy access is key.

Size: Whether you have a newborn, toddler, multiple children, etc. will determine what size bag you need. If you have a newborn you will need a larger diaper bag with many compartments. However, if you have older toddlers, you may not need to carry as many items so a smaller, simpler bag will get the job done.

Comfort: Newborns and toddlers are hard enough. The last thing you need is for your back or shoulder to hurt from an uncomfortable bag hanging on you. If you choose a tote-style bag, you want to make sure the straps are comfortable and are at a proper length. And for backpack-style diaper bags, you will want to ensure that the straps are wide and/or padded.

Benefits of Buying a Coach Diaper Bag

  1. Space: There are a few essential benefits of buying a Coach diaper bag, and the first we should mention is space. Coach diaper bags are designed to match your baby’s needs by allocating space for all the essentials. They also have several additional compartments so that you can separately store your personal belongings, too.
  2. Structure & Size: The design and quality of Coach Diaper bags allow them to hold their structure better than lower-quality diaper bags. They’re also not too big and cumbersome and can be conveniently stored in the overhead cabin while flying or on a stroller. Additionally, their shoulder straps won’t put a lot of pressure on your back, which is excellent for people with recurring back problems.
  3. Effortless to Clean: Coach diaper bags are also effortless to clean. They come with a specific lining that can be easily wiped clean to keep your child away from odors and fungal infections. On top of that, most Coach diaper bags are unisex, designed for both moms and dads.
  4. Luxury and Prestige: Additionally, carrying a Coach diaper bag will set you apart from other moms. Coach is a prestigious brand and many wouldn’t expect to see such luxury in a baby bag. Toting around a Coach diaper bag will add an element of prestige and envy.
  5. Versatility: The style and design of Coach diaper bags and baby bags are simplistic and beautiful, so you can use them even when you don’t have your baby or toddler with you. Easily use them for the office, meetings, or simply running errands.

What are the Best Coach Diaper Bags for Moms with Newborns?

Coach Baby Backpack

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best coach diaper bags for moms

Going out and about with your baby usually means carrying a lot of things and trying to keep them organized. That’s why we really like this Coach Baby Backpack – it has quite a decent capacity for all of your and your baby’s necessities, and on top of that, the layout of the pockets makes it effortless to keep things organized. The bag is made from nylon and refined leather and has adjustable shoulder straps.


Interior: The interior of the bag is quite simple. There is enough space for at least two sweaters or shirts, or any other cloth in case the weather changes. Also, there are four compartments on the walls of the interior, ideal for carrying bottles and water bottles.

Exterior: The bag has two pockets on each side, a single, larger pocket on the back, as well as a zippered pocket in the front. These pockets are ideal for storing a wallet, smartphone, tablet, keys, or any other necessity. 

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Coach Baby Bag

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best coach diaper bags for moms

The Coach Baby Bag has slightly more capacity and a slightly simpler design than the Coach Baby Backpack. It is made from nylon and smooth leather and has a detachable strap, as well as four protective feet at the base.


Interior: The interior is quite large, allowing you to store, diapers, burp rags, and almost any kind of extra clothing for your baby or for yourself. There are also four zipped multifunction pockets where you can store smaller things, such as a smartphone, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, etc. Additionally, there are four compartments ideal for baby bottles, sippy cups, and/or water bottles.

Exterior: On the surface, the bag looks modern and minimalistic, with a beautiful contrast of black leather and the yellow “Coach” logo. There are two side pockets, and besides two handles, there is also a detachable strap for shoulder or crossbody wear.

Coach Large Court Backpack

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best Coach Diaper Bags for moms

Similar to the first bag on our list, Coach Court Backpack is quite a modern bag, easy to pair with almost any outfit. It is made from high-quality leather that ensures longevity and has comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps for a perfect fit.


Interior: This bag has quite a decent capacity and allows you to easily store diapers, wipes, snacks, and an extra change of clothes for your little one(s). It also has a zipped pocket for smaller essentials

Exterior: The bag looks beautiful on the outside and comes in three colors – black, black-brown, and light teal. There are two pockets on the sides, which allow you to easily store bottles, sippy cups, or water bottles. There is a bigger compartment on the front of the bag, ideal for storing a smartphone, wallet, and keys.

What are the Best Coach Diaper Bags for Moms with Toddlers?

As your baby grows into a toddler, its needs also change. Basically, you don’t need to carry as many things with you as you used to, and that’s why diaper bags for toddlers slightly differ from diaper bags for babies.

Coach Field Tote

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coach diaper bags for toddlers

The COACH Field Tote is modern, beautiful, and made from high-quality leather. It is also being sold in three colors, so it won’t be difficult to pick the right bag for you.


Interior: This bag is quite simple on the inside. There is only one zipped pocket, ideal for storing your personal belonging, such as keys, wallet, and smartphone. The interior has enough capacity to carry more than everything you would need when going out and about with your toddler(s), such as diapers, wipes, snacks, a sippy cup, and an extra change of clothes.

Exterior: As mentioned, the bag looks very modern and minimalistic. There are no extra pockets – the back is plain, while the Coach logo covers the front side. The bag also comes with a detachable strap for crossbody or shoulder wear.

Coach City Tote

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coach diaper bags

The COACH City Tote is another great bag for moms with toddlers. It is made from quality leather and comes in three different color combinations.


Interior: The interior is simple and features a small zipped pocket on the top, ideal for your smartphone, keys, and cash. The capacity is quite decent. You can easily throw in an extra change of clothes for your little one(s), snacks, sippy cups, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, etc. This bag also features a snap closure, which is convenient,  especially when in a hurry.

Exterior: On the surface, the bag looks plain and simple, easy to combine with most clothing styles. It is made from smooth, quality leather, and has a signature coated canvas. The bag has two handles with a 10-inch drop, but note that it doesn’t come with a detachable strap for shoulder wear.

Coach Kleo Backpack

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coach diaper bags for toddlers

Made from refined pebble leather, the COACH Kleo Backpack is luxurious, handy, and convenient, especially when you are out and about with your toddler(s). It looks smaller and compact, but it has enough space to store all of your necessities.


Interior: The interior has one small compartment for storing smaller things, such as keys or lip balm, and a zipped pocket for slightly bigger things, like a smartphone or wallet. The main compartment is big enough for an extra change of clothes for your toddler, diapers, snacks, wipes, sunscreen, and sippy cups.

Exterior: The bag has a snap closure and fabric lining, and comes with adjustable shoulder straps. There is also a single zipped pocket on the front side and a handle with a 3-inch drop.

Coach Signature Court Backpack

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best coach diaper bags for toddlers

The COACH Signature Court Backpack is one of the most colorful and vividly looking bags on our list. It is being sold in five different color combinations, each of those looking beautiful.


Interior: Like many of the other COACH diaper bags for toddlers, the interior is quite plain and simple, ready to carry all of your necessities. However, note that this bag has two compartments to help keep things organized, and both compartments have additional zip pockets.

Exterior: The exterior is colorful and fancy, and has three pockets: one on the front side, and two on the sides. The bag is made from refined leather and has adjustable shoulder straps and a handle with a 2 ¼ – an inch drop. 

Can You Buy Coach Diaper Bags on Amazon?

Yes, you can. However, not ALL of the bags are available at all times, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, I would refer directly to the Coach or Coach Outlet site.