12 Smokin’ Hot Cargo Pants Like The Attico Under $50

cargo pants like the attico

12 Smokin’ Hot Cargo Pants Like The Attico Under $50

Attico puts out some beautiful clothing that is often worn by celebrities. Notably, these camouflage cargo pants have been worn by massive celebrities like Kim Kardashian. This style has been having a resurgence thanks to the Y2K fashion trend. With celebrities like Kardashian embracing the look, so are many of their fans. Unfortunately, designer clothing is not affordable to everyone, so we want to look at 12 of the best cargo pants like The Attico. These pants are similar to the original version from Attico, but they are much cheaper.

attico cargo pants dupes

The pants from Attico have an interesting style. They are green and brown that fade in and out throughout the pants rather than having hard lines to separate the colors. There are several pockets all the way down each pant leg, making them ideal for people carrying several items. Finally, while they are never tight, they have a thinner fit up top that gradually gets wider as you move down the pant legs.

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Here are 12 Cargo Pants Like the Attico

PICK #1: Amazon

cargo pants like the attico

The first pair of cargo pants like the Attico that we are looking at today are available on Amazon. You can buy them for $23 to $40 depending on the size and color. These pants are very similar to the original, featuring similar pockets. Additionally, they have a similar style, getting wider as you move down the pant legs. However, with these pants, you can purchase them in 39 different colors.

PICK #2: Amazon

attico cargo pants dupes

These pants are available on Amazon for $25 to $36 depending on the size and color. They are available in 33 different colors. While there are several pockets, there is one less on each pant leg than the original. Fortunately, that is the only notable difference between the original and the dupe. However, there are reports that these pants are not as baggy as they appear in the online images.

PICK #3: Amazon

best attico cargo pants dupes on amazon

Here we have another pair of cargo pants similar to the Attico. These can be bought on Amazon for $15 to $39 depending on size and color. There are 39 color options for you to choose from on Amazon. They feature several big cargo pockets, and an elasticized drawstring, and follow the same style as the original in terms of fit. Sadly, reviewers had several complaints about the pants in terms of fitting, style, and the fact that they are sometimes see-through.

PICK #4: Amazon

attico fern cargo pants dupes

Ok, These Cargo Pants are available for $44 in all sizes and colors, and they are a great option. There are 11 styles available, including some interesting ones that are not available anywhere else. Several styles use the style of jeans, while others look a little crazy. They are a little tighter than the original but are still baggy enough to fit the Y2K fashion trend. Additionally, there are fewer pockets than in the original, but you should still have plenty of space for your essentials.

PICK #5: Amazon

attico cargo pant dupes

If you want cargo pants that look like baggy jeans, these are the Attico cargo pants dupes for you. They are available in five different colors, but they all look like jeans. They feature four pockets on each leg, giving you plenty of space for your essentials. Unfortunately, these pants have a thinner silhouette than other similar pants. So, while they look good, they might not be what you are looking for at this very moment. However, if you do like them, you can buy them for $35.

PICK #6: Walmart

attico cargo pant dupes

Walmart is always a good place to go for dupes of designer clothing. These pants are no exception, as they are a passable option of the original from Attico. They are low-waisted cargo pants with a wide fit. However, they do not get wider as you move down the leg like the original. Fortunately, they feature the same number of pockets as the original. If you are interested in these pants, you can buy them on the Walmart website for $32.

PICK #7: Walmart

attico cargo pant dupes

These Fashion Nova pants on the Walmart website are among the most affordable options at $24. They look good, and at first glance are very similar to the original from Attico. However, there are a few notable differences. Firstly, they do not have as many pockets, only featuring two on each pant leg. Furthermore, they do not expand lower on the pants. They are uniform in size throughout. Still, they are baggy, comfortable, and a solid option if you are looking for an alternative.

PICK #8: Fashion Nova

cargo pants like the attico

These cargo pants like the Attico from Fashion Nova look very similar to the original, more so than most other options on this list. They have a similar style, expanding lower on the pants. If you opt for green coloring, you might not notice a big difference at first glance. Brown is not mixed into the pants, but the shade of green is the same. Additionally, these pants have the same number of pockets and look like designer pants. Unfortunately, that does mean they are more expensive than other options, as they are currently listed at $56.

PICK #9: Pretty Little Thing

Y2K cargo pants

If you want baggy cargo pants that follow the Y2K fashion trend, these are the pants for you. They might be the baggiest cargo pants we have looked at so far. They get baggier lower on the pants, but not by much. Instead, they stay very baggy from top to bottom. Something to note is you can only purchase these pants in grey, and they do not have many pockets. They have two on each leg but do not stylistically look like cargo pants. The thing that really makes them look different is the large drawstring in the middle. Fortunately, you can currently buy them for $36.

PICK #10: Pretty Little Thing

attico cargo pant dupes

Between the two Pretty Little Thing pants, these ones are a closer alternative of the original Attico cargo pants. They look more like cargo pants, using similar material. There are more pockets, with three on each leg. Additionally, they get wider lower on the pants. So, if you are interested in these cargo pants, you can purchase them for $33 on the Pretty Little Thing website.

PICK #11: Boohoo

attico y2k cargo pant dupes

These wide cargo pants have a style that resembles jeans. They are light blue with an acid wash. However, they still look like cargo pants because of the three pockets on each leg. Additionally, they have a very wide fit that is mostly uniform from top to bottom. If you like cargo pants but do not want to stand out as much, these pants are great options. Plus, you can purchase them for only $26.

PICK #12 (BONUS): Amazon

wide leg cargo pants amazon

The last item on our list of cargo pants like the Attico are a bit of a bonus. It is different from other cargo pants dupes because of the stylized holes on both knees. They have pockets, but not as many as traditional cargo pants. However, they have the same fit as the original from Attico. Furthermore, these pants have a high waist, drawstring and are ruched. If you are interested in this bonus item, you can buy it on Amazon for $39 in one of nine colors.

How Should You Style Attico Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are very casual compared to most other clothing. However, designer brands have stylized them to allow people to wear them on nights out. If you are struggling to figure out what to pair them with, you cannot go wrong with a tighter top. It does not need to be skin-tight, but since your pants are so baggy, we prefer to wear something tight up top. The contrast works well for most people, including Kim Kardashian.

As for shoes…we recommend styling your Attico Cargo Pants Dupes with stiletto heels or boots for a night out look. The pointed stiletto offsets the bagginess. Or for a more casual look we recommend a fashionable chunky sneaker. Attico cargo pants dupes also pair well with sneakers that are the same color as the pants, which elongate your legs without having to wear heels.

Final Thoughts: Cargo Pants Like the Attico

Who would have thought that we would be following Y2K fashion trends in the 2020s? You never know what fashion trends are going to reappear, and here we are wearing cargo pants like it’s 1999 again.

Fortunately, there are several designer and off-brand options for you to purchase. They are more fashionable than they were in the late 90s and early 2000s, so it is easier to make them work in an outfit. We recommend purchasing one of these cargo pants like The Attico if you do not want to shell out $1200 on the designer option.

Attico Cargo Pants FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”What is the best partner of cargo pants?” answer-0=”Here’s some of the best outfit ideas on what to wear with cargo pants: With a leather jacket. With a statement blouse. With a white button-down. With a white t-shirt. With a bomber jacket. With a graphic t-shirt. With a plain t-shirt. With a sweatshirt.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Should you size down in cargo pants?” answer-1=”Cargo pants are meant to fit loosely. Cargos that fit too tightly will leave the pockets bulging out at the sides when filled. Not a great look. For these reasons, don’t buy cargos that are too tight or slim-fitted.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Are cargo pants still trendy?” answer-2=”In 2022, cargo pants for women feel much more like a modern wardrobe staple that can be worn running errands or for taking a cool-relaxed approach to dressier occasions.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”Are cargos Y2K?” answer-3=”Thanks to Depop, cargo pants have reemerged from the depths of our Y2K closets. The general association with cargo pants is not typically a positive one, but 2021’s interest in the Y2K era has definitely given the functional pants a new life.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]12 Attico Cargo Pants Dupes Under $50