Most Popular lululemon Women’s Joggers Compared

lululemon women's joggers

Are you like me (and many others) where you’ve been hesitant to jump on the jogger bandwagon? Over the last couple of years, I have tried to like joggers. I have tried to feel comfortable and cute in them but I never could find the perfect pair.

They all seemed to be either too frumpy and baggy,  have an uncomfortable waistband, and/or have been constructed from thin and wispy fabrics.

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Fortunately, lululemon women’s joggers have taken the jogger game to the next level and will change your mind the same way it changed mine. So let’s get right into it! Here are the most popular lululemon women’s jogger that money can buy.

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Relaxed High Rise Jogger

relaxed jogger lululemon

Best for: Lounging / On the Move

Available in: Full Length

Price: $118

The Relaxed High Rise Jogger is probably the most underrated jogger at lulu. They always sell out fast so if you happen to see your size and color preference I would grab them. These joggers are true to size. If you like a baggier look you should size up and if you like a slimmer fit you should size down. I like how the waistband is soft and not too tight. There is a hidden drawcord but I rarely ever use the drawcords…it is nice to have though if you are lucky enough to have a super tiny waist and need to tighten them. The fabric is very comfortable – not too thick or hot and is very breathable. The relaxed high rise jogger has two deep pockets that lay flat. These definitely have that classic “sweatpant” look.

Adapted State High Rise Jogger

adapted state jogger

Best for: Running / Hiking / Working Out / On the Move

Available in:

  • Full Length
  • Crop

Price: $118 – $128

The Adapted State High Rise Jogger is made from a sweat wicking, quick-dry fabric that’s perfect for working out, running or hiking. However, you can always wear them as an everyday on the move jogger as well. There is a zipper along the ankle that you can zip up or not depending on what you are doing. The waistband lies nice a flat and is not too tight. They also have a hidden drawcord if you want to tighten them – especially during runs or hikes to make sure they stay in place. They have stretch resistance fibre in the fabric to make sure they don’t stretch out throughout the day, which I really appreciate.

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Align High Rise Jogger

align jogger

  • Best for: Yoga / On the Move
  • Available in:
    • Full Length
    • Crop

Price: $88 – $98

I love the Align Jogger. These are very slim-fitting joggers so I recommend sizing up. Whatever size you wear in the aligned legging, I would size up either one or two sizes depending on how loose or tight you want them. If you do buy the same size that you wear in the aligned legging, they will look like leggings but with a cuffed bottom. The align jogger was designed for yoga but they are super versatile – I wear them for everything…except for high-impact workouts since they don’t hold everything in well. I sometimes even dress them up with a tight one-piece and pumps. They won’t stretch out throughout the day since they contain the shape retention fiber, lycra. They are made from lulu’s iconic nulu fabric so they have that barely there, buttery soft hand that we all know and love. My only complaint about the Align joggers as they tend to ride up booty slightly more than I would like.

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Scuba High Rise Jogger

scuba high rise jogger

Best for: Lounging / On the Move

Available in:

  • Full Length
  • 7/8 Length
  • Full-Length Relaxed Fit
  • Full-Length French Terry
  • Full-Length Sparkle

Price: $118 – $128

The Scuba High Rise Jogger is a tried and true staple of lululemon. It has always been one of their core essential items, which is why they offer it in so many different lengths/styles. These are supposed to be a relaxed fit but they seem to fit more on the slimmer side, which I do prefer. They also have a relaxed fit as well if you do prefer more of a baggy look. These joggers are more structured than they appear online…with more of a slim fit. They only have the two-way stretch so I would not recommend them for workouts.

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Dance Studio Jogger

dance studio jogger

Best for: On the Move

Available in:

  • Full Length Mid Rise
  • Full Length High Rise

Price: $98

I am so mad at myself because I bought the Dance Studio joggers in the mid-rise without realizing there was a high rise version! That being said, I love the slim fit and look of these joggers but I don’t like the mid-rise, which hits just below my belly button. If you have a super flat stomach you might appreciate the mid-rise to show off your fit tummy but anything more than that and it is not flattering.

One other thing I don’t like about the Dance Studio joggers are they seem a little tight in the crotch area. The Beyond the Studio High Rise Jogger isn’t as tight in the crotch area so I would recommend those if you think that will bother you.

The Dance Studio Joggers aren’t very stretchy since they are made from lulu’s swift fabric, which only has two-way stretch,. These joggers are better for on the move and not working out.

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Stretch High Rise Jogger

lululemon stretch high rise leggings

Best for: Lounging / On the Move

Available in:

  • Full Length
  • Shorter Length

Price: $118

I love the Stretch High Rise Jogger. They have a buttery soft nulu waistband that doesn’t dig in at all…it’s very comfortable. Another feature I love is the drawstring. You can loop it on the outside for a more casual look or you can easily give them a more professional look by looping it on the inside. You can easily transition from the gym to the office or vice versa, making them very versatile.

The Stretch High Rise Jogger is made from lulu’s luxtreme fabric, so they have that slick look and feel to them. They also don’t wrinkle so they are perfect for traveling. The fabric also contains the shape retention fiber, lycra, so they won’t stretch out throughout the day.

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Ready to Rulu High Rise Jogger

ready to rulu joggers

Best for: Lounging / On the Move

Available in:

  • Full-length jogger
  • Full-length fleece jogger
  • 7/8 length
  • Crop

Price: $98 – $118

The Ready to Rulu jogger is one of my favorite pieces from lulu. The rulu fabric (which stands for running luon) has a very soft, brushed feel to it, making them slightly warmer than the nulu fabric they use in their iconic align leggings. These joggers have more of a fitted look so I would recommend sizing up if you prefer a more traditional jogger look. But in general, I’d say they are true to size. The full-length version of these joggers is 29″, which I think is a bit long. So if you are shorter I would recommend going with either the 7/8 or even the cropped length so they aren’t too bunchy at the bottom.

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Beyond the Studio High Rise Jogger

beyond the studio joggers

Best for: On the Move

Available in:

  • Full length
  • Crop

Price: $118

If you like the look and feel of the Dance Studio jogger but prefer a higher rise and more room in the crotch area then I would opt for the Beyond the Studio Jogger.  Like the Dance Studio jogger, they are made from the swift fabric, so they only have a two-way stretch (not great for working out). One detail that I like is the rouching down the sides of the ankles, which is very cute and sporty. They do have a cropped version as well, which looks ok on taller people, but hits at a funny spot if you are on the shorter side.

Conclusion: Most Popular lululemon Women’s Joggers (2022)

Like many of you, it took me a while to jump on the jogger bandwagon since they all seemed to be frumpy, have uncomfortable waistbands that never hit the right spot, and just overall were very unflattering.

However, over the last couple of years, the jogger world has stepped up its game. Lululemon, in particular, has really taken the jogger to the next level by offering them up in their superb fabrics and with their well-thought designs and styles.

I hope this guide on the most popular lululemon women’s joggers helped you figure out which pair of lululemon joggers are best for your body and lifestyle. Trust me, you will have a whole new outlook on those frumpy old joggers from the past. Cheers to joggers!