8 Classy Lululemon Dress Dupes Under $40

dresses that look like lululemon

8 Lululemon Dress Dupes for Under $40

There’s no doubt that lululemon has some beautifully simple, high-quality dresses. However, they will cost you a pretty penny. AND…most of the time, they’re sold out anyway. So we decided to scour the internet world for you to find some of the best dresses that look like Lululemon.

It’s important to note that these dresses that look like lululemon will have a few differences from the original (some more than others), but at a quarter of the price that is to be expected. Now let’s get right into these 8 classy lululemon dress dupes for under $40.

lululemon Everlux Short-Lined Tennis Tank Top Dress Dupe

Heledok Tennis Dress with Shorts SHOP AMAZON

lululemon dress dupe

The first in our lineup of lululemon dress dupes is the Heledok tennis dress on Amazon. It has a similar cut, length, and contoured fit to the lululemon Everlux Tank Top Tennis Dress. It has separate shorts with two pockets perfect for your phone and storing tennis balls.

The lululemon Everlux dress includes shorts with pockets, but they are not separate. They both have open backs to provide additional airflow. However, the Heledok dress is U-shaped, and the lululemon dress is a round opening.

The materials used in the dress are a polyester/spandex blend, while the materials used in the lululemon dress are a polyester/nylon/elastane blend. That said, the lululemon dress will be more buttery soft and provide better shape retention and breathability.

lululemon Court Crush Dress Dupe

MCEDAR Athletic Tennis Dress SHOP AMAZON

dresses court crush dress dupe

The MCEDAR tennis dress on Amazon has a similar contoured fit as the lululemon Court Crush dress. Both of these tennis dresses have two pockets in the liner. However, the Amazon dress’s liner comes as separate shorts.

The backs are both open for increased airflow. However, the Amazon dress is U-shaped, and the Court Crush dress is a criss-cross. The court crush dress also has a slightly higher neckline and is slightly longer.

The MCEDAR dress on Amazon is a nylon/spandex blend, and the lululemon dress is a nylon/elastane/polyester blend. That being said, both dresses will be lightweight, buttery soft, and breathable. However, since the lululemon dress contains elastane, it will provide better shape retention.

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lululemon Court Crush Dress Dupe

Willit Women’s Exercise Dress SHOP AMAZON

lululemon dress dupesLike the lululemon Court Crush dress, the Willit tennis dress from Amazon also has a high neckline that provides excellent support if you have a larger cup. Both tennis dresses have a similar slim fit and length.

The Court Crush dress will give you slightly more shape and contour around the waist since it has two additional seams. Both dresses have two pockets in the liner for your phone, wallet, tennis balls, etc.

The Willit dress is a polyester/spandex blend, and the Court Crush dress is a nylon/elastane/polyester blend. That being said, the lululemon dress will be more lightweight and provide better breathability.

lululemon Court Crush Dress Dupe

Baleaf Women’s Workout Tennis Dress SHOP AMAZON

lululemon court crush dress dupeThis Amazon dress has a contoured cut, length, and neckline similar to the lululemon Court Crush dress.

Out of all the lululemon dress dupes, this particular dress features a bonus…its fabric contains UPF 50, providing excellent protection against sunburn. We should also mention that this particular lululemon dress dupe has four pockets…two in the liner to store your tennis balls, phone, or wallet. Plus, two more pockets on both sides of the dress hold other essentials such as chapstick, keys, or earbuds.

The Baleaf tennis dress is a polyester/spandex blend, so it will be a heavier material than the lululemon Court Crush, which has more of a buttery soft, lightweight material.

lululemon Pima Cotton Open Back Midi Dress Dupe

ANRABESS Women’s Casual Sundress SHOP AMAZON

lululemon dress dupes

This Midi Dress dupe comes in SO many beautiful colors and prints. This budget-friendly dress is loose and comfortable, making it the perfect dress for hot summer nights.

As you can see, it is very similar to the lululemon Pima cotton midi dress. However, there are a few differences we should mention. The first difference you will notice is the bottom. The bottom of the lululemon dress is more squared off, and the Amazon dress is more rounded. The neckline is also higher. The lululemon dress also has an open back, which I don’t like because it reveals your bra.

The lululemon Pima cotton dress is made from 94% Pima cotton and 6% lycra elastane, so it will be incredibly soft and stretchy. The Amazon dress is made from a cotton/polyester/spandex blend, so it is going to be exceptionally soft and stretchy as well (just not AS soft as lulu’s)

lululemon All Aligned Midi Dress Dupe

Verdusa Women’s Sleeveless Bodycon Dress SHOP AMAZONlululemon dress dupes

Next up in our lineup of the best lululemon dress dupes is a fan favorite. Customers love this simple yet beautiful dress from Verdusa that comes in 12 colors. It is almost identical to lululemon’s all-aligned dress. This budget-friendly dress has some great reviews on Amazon. This dress is very flattering and accentuates all the right curves.

The main reason why this dress is on point is because of the fabric. It is made from 90% rayon / 10% spandex. Rayon is a wonderfully soft, lightweight, drapey, and breathable fabric. It’s also not too thick or too thin.

lululemon Classic Fit Cotton Blend Dress Dupe

Daily Ritual Jersey Relaxed Fit Dress SHOP AMAZON

lululemon dress dupesThis relaxed fit dress from Daily Ritual is yet another excellent Lululemon dress look-alike. It is incredibly similar to lululemon’s Classic Fit Cotton Blend Dress. Customers are loving how versatile this dress is. It can be worn casually with sandals or sneakers, or you can dress it up with pumps, layered necklaces, and even a jean jacket or blazer for the spring and fall months.

The two main differences you will notice between these dresses are the material and the length.

The lululemon dress dupes fabric is made from a Rayon/spandex blend, so it will be soft, lightweight, drapey, and stretchy. The lululemon Cotton Blend dress is a cotton/lyocell/linen/elastane blend. So it will have a naturally soft hand but won’t be as drapey or stretchy as our lululemon dupe. The Daily Ritual dress is also slightly longer than lululemon’s.

Lululemon Classic Fit Cotton Blend T-Shirt Dress Dupe

Daily Ritual Relaxed Fit Short Sleeve Dress SHOP AMAZON

lululemon dress dupesOur last pick in our lineup of lululemon dress dupes is almost identical to the real deal. The only difference you will notice is the neckline. The Daily Ritual dress even uses a very similar blend of materials.

Lululemon’s cotton blend dress is a cotton/lyocell/linen/elastane blend, and the dupe is a cotton/modal/elastane blend. Both dresses will have similar qualities – a naturally soft hand, structured shape, and some stretch.

Like the Daily Ritual, we discussed previously, this t-shirt dress is versatile and can be worn for many occasions. Wear it casually with flip-flops or sneakers. Or dress it up with layered necklaces, strappy sandals, boots, or pumps.

Lululemon Dress Dupes [Final Thoughts]

We all love lululemon. The quality, style, and comfort are bar none. However, today more than ever it is important to save where we can. It is simply not realistic to buy all of our clothes from places like lululemon. Luckily, there are plenty of similar alternatives on the market that are much more affordable, including these 8 classy lululemon dress dupes under $40.