Jimmy Choo Bow Heels | 10 Gorgeous Alternatives to the Real Deal

jimmy choo bow heels

Jimmy Choo Bow Heels | 10 Gorgeous Alternatives

With the holiday season approaching, women everywhere are planning their party looks. That includes searching for the perfect pair of heels that blend glamour and fun. With oversized bows on the vamp and heel, Jimmy Choo Bow heels fit the bill. 

The one problem? These gorgeous bow heels retail for $995. That’s a steep price for a pair of shoes that only come out for parties. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing Jimmy Choo Bow Heel alternatives on the market. Check out the rest of this article to see the 10 best Jimmy Choo look alikes available on Amazon.

What Do Jimmy Choo Bow Heels Look Like?

jimmy choo bow heels
Photo: Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo’s Aveline 100s (A.K.A. bow heels) are ankle strap stiletto sandals. The right sandal features an oversized, hand-tied grosgrain mesh bow on the heel, while the left sandal features the bow on the vamp. This creates an elegant, asymmetrical look. 

Aveline’s heel and toe strap are finished in grosgrain ribbon. The ankle strap is made of leather. The heel measures 4”. You can find this model in black, fuchsia, and latte (white). 

Most of the Jimmy Choo Bow Heel alternatives on this list come in the same colors, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding a perfect match. However, if you’re looking to branch out a bit, some models come in other colors like red, beige, or blue. 

Why Are Jimmy Choo Bow Heels So Popular? 

People fell in love with this gorgeous pair of heels when Sienna Miller was photographed wearing them in the brand’s pre-fall 2019 editorial In My Choos. They got even more popular when Hailey Beiber was spotted wearing them at her wedding rehearsal in September 2020. 

jimmy Choo aveline dupes
Photo: Jimmy Choo

Celebrities and fashionistas love the funky yet elegant asymmetrical design, the delicate straps, and the extreme wearability of the Aveline’s. 

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What Are The Best Jimmy Choo Inspired Bow Heels on Amazon?

Although many women lust over the Jimmy Choo Avelines, their $995 price tag makes them out of reach for most people. Thankfully, plenty of similar models are available on Amazon for a fraction of the price. Check out some of the best dupes here! 

#10. Vertundy Women’s Heeled Bow Sandals

jimmy choo aveline bow heel dupes

  • Price: $49.99
  • Colors: Black, blue, champagne, gold, patent leather, gold, red, rose red, white. 

To the untrained eye, these heeled bow sandals from Vertundy could be the real deal. That makes them an excellent choice if you’re looking for a Jimmy Choo Bow Heel look-alike. 

Like the Avelines, these heels feature voluptuous, asymmetrical quad bows on the toe and heel to create an elegant effect. Not only that, but they have the same ankle strap and stiletto heels found on the originals. 

What’s more, the Vertundy model comes in all of the same colors as the Jimmy Choos and then some! It’s worth noting that the heel on these measures 3.14”, making them almost an inch shorter than the Avelines. But hey, who ever complained about a more comfortable heel? 

#9. Keleimusi Women’s Wedding Sandals with Asymmetric Mesh Bows

best jimmy choo bow heel dupes on amazon

  • Price: $48.25
  • Colors: Black, blue, fuschia, nude, red, white

Another very convincing Jimmy Choo Bow Heel look alike is this wedding sandal with asymmetric bows by keleimusi. Like the originals, this pair has hand-tied asymmetric mesh bows, with one on the tow and one on the heel. 

As with the Jimmy Choos, this version features an ankle strap with a side buckle for a comfortable, yet eye-catching look. The heels on this pair measure 3.9”, making them just about the same height as the Avelines. 

#8. Badgley Mischka Women’s Terris Heeled Sandal

jimmy choo bow heel dupes

  • Price: $139.95 
  • Colors: Soft blush, soft violet, white 

With a reputation for creating stylish, yet wearable items for special evenings out, this pair of Badgley Mischka heels deserves a place on this list of Jimmy Choo Aveline dupes. 

Like the Avelines, the Terris sandal features a delicate ankle strap, stiletto heel, and glamorous bows. 

There are a few differences to point out, however. First, while the Avelines have a 4” heel, this pair measures only 3”.

Second, the bows on the Terris sandals only appear on the toe, not the heel. They’re also quite a bit smaller than the bows on the Avelines and have more of a rosette shape. Regardless of the differences, this is still a beautiful pair of heels. 

#7. Betsey Johnson Women’s Sb-lylla Heeled Sandal

jimmy choo aveline bow heel dupes

  • Price: $79.99 
  • Colors: Black, ivory, red, nude

Legendary fashion designer Betsey Johnson is at it again, this time with a pair of heels that’ll make you do a double take. 

As with the Avelines, the Sb-lyllas feature a stiletto heel, an open toe, and a daring ankle strap. More importantly, though, this pair has tulle flower detailing on the vamp. 

Like other pairs on this list, there are some notable differences between this model and the Jimmy Choo Bow Heels. 

For one thing, the heel height measures 3.5”, making this pair about a half inch shorter than the original model. Another big difference is that there is no ribbon detailing on the heels. Still, this Jimmy Choo inspired Bow Heel is a knockout. 

#6. Coutgo Women’s Satin Wedding Sandals with Mesh Bow Tie

best jimmy choo bow heel dupes on amazon

  • Price: $51.98
  • Colors: White, black, red, rose red, sky blue 

We won’t blame you if you have to do a double take after seeing these Jimmy Choo inspired Bow Heels online. Made by Coutgo, these satin wedding sandals feature a similar profile, complete with a stiletto heel, thin ankle and toe straps, and asymmetrical mesh bows. 

The heel measures 3.54”, so this pair is just a hair shorter than the Avelines. Aside from a slightly different bow design, it’s tough to tell these dupes apart from the real things. 

#5. Perphy Open Toe High Heels Ankle Strap Bow Tie Stiletto Heel Sandals

jimmy choo bow heel dupes

  • Price: $43.99
  • Colors: Black, white, nude, light blue 

With the 3.5” stiletto heel, graceful ankle strap, and quadruple bow detailing on the toe strap, it’s hard to believe this pair of heels aren’t Jimmy Choo. 

There are a few differences worth pointing out, though. For example, the bows are only on the toe straps, not on the heels. Another difference is that the bows are removable. However, that means you get two looks out of one pair of sandals! 

#4. FSJ Women Flower Gold Metal Chain Chunky High Heels Ankle Strap Sandals

jimmy choo bow heel dupes amazon

  • Price: $95.99
  • Colors: Black, pink, red, white

The chain detailing on the heels gives these FSJ ankle strap sandals a rock-and-roll edge while still playing the part of very convincing Jimmy Choo Bow Heels. 

As with the Avelines, this pair has asymmetrical mesh bows on the toe strap and heel, as well as a dainty, side-fastening ankle strap. 

In terms of differences, this pair has a higher (4.6”) and chunkier heel. Still, the metal detailing is a nice touch to balance out the daintiness of the Avelines. 

#3. ELEGANTPARK Women Peep Toe High Heel Sandals 

jimmy choo bow heel dupes on amazon

  • Price: $52.99
  • Color: Ivory, white 

These wedding shoes from ELEGANTPARK may not be the closest Aveline lookalikes, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth considering. 

Indeed, they feature a thin heel and elegant ribbon bows attached to the ankle strap. Together with the rhinestone-encrusted ankle strap, these shoes are true show stoppers. 

It’s worth noting that the toe strap on this pair is quite a bit thicker than on the Jimmy Choos. What’s more, the bow is made of ribbon, rather than mesh. Still, these are a great choice if you’re looking for a beautiful pair of wedding shoes. 

#2. PiePieBuy Women’s Pointed Toe High Heels Ankle Strap

what are the best jimmy choo bow heel dupes?

  • Price: $58.98
  • Colors: Black, white, red, beige, wine red, navy, khaki 

For a more casual winter version of the Avelines, look no further than this pair of PiePieBuy pumps with bow detailing

Made with faux suede, this pair of pumps feature a low, chunky heel that’s perfect for strolling through the park or dancing the night away. The feminine bow on the heel provides a flirty touch. 

It goes without saying that this pair is only slightly inspired by the Jimmy Choo Bow Heels. Still, they’ve both got an ankle strap, a thin heel, and a heel bow. 

#1. Eazz Women’s Satin Bow Trimmed Ankle Strap Sandals

best jimmy choo bow heel dupes

  • Price: $42.99
  • Colors: Black, red, white, fuschia 

Another very convincing Jimmy Choo inspired Bow Heel is this pair from Eazz. Like the Aveline’s, this pair of sandals have hand-tied mesh bows placed asymmetrically on the toe and heel. 

But the similarities don’t end there. This pair also features thin toe and ankle straps and a 3.74” heel. 

Final Thoughts: Amazon Has Plenty of Worthy Alternatives to the Coveted Jimmy Choo Heels

While it would be anyone’s dream to own a pair of Jimmy Choo Bow Heels, the reality is that these nearly $1000 sandals don’t fit into most peoples’ budgets. Thankfully, there are lots of convincing alternatives to Jimmy Choo Bow Heels available on Amazon. 

So, if you’re looking for a beautiful pair of heels that will make it look like you maxed out your credit card, then look no further than Amazon.