11 Athleta Dress Dupes for a Sporty and Sexy Look!

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Founded in 1998, Athleta is a popular activewear brand dedicated to creating unique athletic gear for women. They provide high-end sportswear, including yoga pants, leggings, worktops, and bras. Additionally, they make plenty of loungewear, dresses, jackets, and other accessories. Unfortunately, many of these clothes have high price tags, but Amazon has plenty of Athleta dress dupes for you to purchase at a fraction of the cost.

With over 200 stores across the United States and Canada, Athleta has become one of the premier activewear brands for women. It is for that reason that Athleta has increased prices. With that in mind, we understand that not everyone can afford to purchase high-end clothing. So, today we will look at 11 Athleta dress dupes and are available on Amazon.

11 Athleta Dress Dupes on Amazon (Under $40)

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1. Athleta Balance Dress Dupe

athleta dress dupes

The Athleta Balance Dress comes in beautiful brown or black coloring. It fits loosely on your body and reaches halfway down the thigh of the wearer. It is a fantastic option to wear over your workout gear when you need extra layers before your workout.

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One of the most popular features of this product is the zip pocket on the sleeve. With this pocket, you can store your phone, keys, and cards.

The dress is made from Tencel, cotton, Lenzing modal, and spandex. It has no special washing instructions, so you can throw it in the washer and dryer without any worries. This product is
available for $89.

If you cannot afford to purchase a $90 dress, you can buy one of our Athleta dress dupes for just $40 on Amazon. It is nearly identical to the Athleta version with the same colors available, and a crew neck. Additionally, it has pockets on the arms like the original.

The only difference is in the fabric. Rather than being made from four different fabrics, this version is made from cotton and polyester. As a result, the manufacturer recommends that you
line dry it.

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2. Athleta Santorini Cinch Dress Dupe

athleta dress dupes

Unlike the previous product, this dress is not something you will throw on over your athletic gear. Instead, it is more business casual. You can wear it to the office or for a nice dinner. It is nice but not overbearing, making it a good option for many situations.

This dress comes in two traditional colors, maroon, and black. However, a bright light blue option is also on sale. It is semi-fitted and should fit easily over your body if you buy the correct size. It has a decent length, reaching halfway down your lower legs to the calves. At the neckline, the dress uses a crew neck style.

Furthermore, this dress uses Tencel Modal and spandex. These materials together make for a breathable dress. Additionally, it is stretchy, making it a comfortable option, and there is cinch

Finally, you can machine wash and dry this product. You do not need to worry about adjusting the settings on your washer for this dress. You can buy it for $98.

Rather than pay nearly $100 for this dress from Athleta, you can purchase a similar version from Amazon for $39. It comes in the same colors as the original dress, but with over two dozen other

The materials used to make it are very similar, and as a result, it is still comfy and elastic. However, there is one big difference; there is no crew neck. Instead, the dress has an open neckline with one shoulder free of the dress. Still, it is an elegant dress that you can wear to cocktail parties.

3. Athleta Presidio Dress Dupe

athleta presidio dress dupe

The Athleta Presidio Dress is a versatile and comfortable dress. It has a loose fit and asymmetrical hemline, making it ideal for travel, work, and/or summer outings. This dress comes in several beautiful colors, including navy blue, black, quartz pink, minimalist grey, and victorian periwinkle.

A popular feature of the Presidio dress is its side pockets for easy access to your phone, keys, or wallet.

Additionally, this dress is made from a recycled polyester/spandex blend making it soft, stretchy, and lightweight. It’s super easy to care for – just throw it in the washer and dryer.

However, at $98, this dress is not exactly affordable. That is why we found a comparable dress on Amazon for around $30. This Athleta dress dupe is made from a polyester/spandex blend as well so it will have a similar feel to it…stretchy, soft, and lightweight.

Furthermore, this dress comes in 17 beautiful colors and prints. This classic and versatile dress is perfect for many occasions, such as beach vacations, the office, or date nights.

There are two main differences between the Athleta Presidio dress and the Amazon dress. The first difference is the hemline. The hemline is not asymmetrical like the Athleta dress and the other difference you will notice is the neckline, which is higher on the Athleta dupe.

4. Athleta Della Dress Dupe

athleta dress dupes

If you are looking for something with a tighter fit, the Athleta Della Dress is a good option. It comes in black, mountain olive, and shadow olive, and you can purchase it for $89. The dress is
fitted next to the body with a hem that hits above the knee.

It is a good option for a casual night out with friends or an afternoon exploring a new city. You will look good thanks to the pleated details at the waist that flatters the form, but it is not over the top.

Furthermore, the dress is made from Pima cotton, Tencel, and spandex, making it a comfortable option. You can also machine wash and dry it.

This Athleta dress dupe on Amazon is nearly identical, but it comes in 27 colors rather than three. However, while it looks identical, it is made purely from cotton. As a result, the manufacturer recommends hand washing.

You can purchase this dress on Amazon for $12 to $31, depending on your color of choice.

5. Athleta Rincon Dress Dupe

athleta rincon dress dupe

The Athleta Rincon Dress is similar in length to the Athleta Balance Dress, reaching halfway down the thigh. It comes in black and Borealis green, and you can purchase it for $98. Like the balance dress, it fits loosely over the body.

This dress is a good option for warm weather travel, resort vacations, and time on the beach. It has an adjustable drawstring waist, letting you customize your look and how it feels.
Additionally, it has a ribbed trim on the neckline and armholes.

The dress is made from recycled polyester and spandex which makes it feel lightweight. It is also very breathable and quick to dry. Speaking of which, you can machine wash and dry it.

The Athleta Rincon Dress dupe that we found on Amazon looks nearly identical and comes in the same colors. However, it is made primarily with cotton and a little bit of spandex. As a result, the texture is different from the original. However, there is very little difference other than the dress’s material, and you can buy it for $27

6. Athleta Santorini Thera Dress Dupe

athleta santorini dress dupe

Here we have a dress that is very similar to classic sundresses. It’s fitted through the body but flares out at the skirt and hits above the knee. This design makes it a good option for traveling
and exploring new cities.

The fabric is made from Tencel Modal and spandex, making it lightweight. It also has a high neckline for exceptional bra coverage. You can machine wash and dry it, which is very important for a product that costs $89.

This Athleta dress dupe from Amazon is very similar to the original. It comes in all the same colors and a few more. However, there are a few design differences.

Notably, the Athleta dress dupe on Amazon dress uses cinching around the waist much more. As a result, the bottom half of the dress looks different from the top.

However, the other aspects of the dress are identical or similar. As a result, you can safely purchase this product for $29 on Amazon rather than paying for the Athleta version.

7. Athleta Santorini Midi Dress Dupe

athleta santorini midi dress dupe

If you prefer long dresses, this product from Athleta is a good option. Coming in black and cottage blue, this dress reaches midway down the calf. It has a fitted top with a scoop neck and
flares at the waist.

This dress is great for commuting as it is flexible and breathable, keeping you comfortable as you wear it. It is made from Tencel Modal and spandex, so you can machine wash and dry it.
The only downside is that it costs $98.

Fortunately, there is an Athleta dress dupe on Amazon for $18 to $32 that looks similar, depending on the color. It has the same design with a tight fit on top and flaring out on the bottom. The only difference in
appearance is that this dress flares out a little less than the original.

However, there is another significant difference in its material. The fabric is made from rayon and elastane. Fortunately, you can still machine wash and dry it.

8. Athleta Seasoft Longsleeve Dress Dupe

athleta dress dupe

This dress from Athleta is another option you can wear over your workout clothes when you head to the gym. It is loose, baggy, and hits just above the knee. You can comfortably wear it at
home while lounging around and in public for casual events.

You can purchase this dress for $109 in purple or black. Unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive Athleta dresses. It is made with polyester, Tencel Modal, and spandex which makes it breathable and machine washable.

That being said, we know spending over $100 on a dress is not something everyone can do. So, we found an Athleta Dress dupe on Amazon that is very similar. This product comes in six colors, but not purple. It looks very similar, but maybe a little tighter. Do not worry, it is still very loose.

Additionally, while it is machine washable, it is made from 100% cotton rather than the combination of materials listed above. The cheaper material allows Amazon to sell it for $25 on Amazon.

9. Athleta Cozy Karma Mock Neck Dress Dupe

athleta dress dupes

If you want a dress that will keep you warm, this is the one for you. It is made from recycled polyester, cotton, and spandex which results in a very soft texture. Additionally, despite the soft
texture and plush interior, it remains breathable.

Furthermore, you should be happy to hear that it has easily accessible pockets to pack your essentials. Those pockets along with its relaxed design that hits above the knee make for an
appealing dress. You can buy it for $129.

The Athleta dress dupe on Amazon looks nearly identical except for differences in how the materials look. Rather than polyester, cotton, and spandex, this product uses rayon and polyester. It is just as comfortable as the original, and it comes in six colors rather than two. As a result, we think it is a worthy purchase at $34.

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10. Athleta Nightime Bliss Sleep Romper Dupe

athleta romper dupe

Here we are changing things up by looking at a romper instead of a dress. It is a good option if you want to relax, and you can even wear it to sleep with its fit. It is semi-fitted and skims easily
over the body. You will appreciate the soft texture of the material made from Tencel Modal and spandex.

We recommend wearing this dress in the spring before it gets too hot. It will keep you cool thanks to its lack of sleeves, but it has long pant legs which could be uncomfortable in the summer. You can purchase this dress in black, deep burgundy, or dark sugarplum mauve for $64.

This Athleta romper dupe on Amazon is available in many more colors, and you can buy it for just $32. It has a very similar design but features a lace design around the neck, giving it a different
look. As for the materials, it is 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

BONUS: Athleta Jumpsuit Dupe

11. Athleta Balance Jumpsuit Dupe

athleta balance jumpsuit dupe

The final product we want to look at today is also not a dress. Instead, it is a jumper that you can buy for $98 in four colors. It is a solid product to purchase if you need to layer up before your workout or for wearing around the house.

The jumpsuit is semi-fitted and skims easily over the body. It is a one-piece long romper with a scoop neck.

Made from Tencel Modal and spandex, this jumpsuit is flexible, comfortable, and breathable. It provides plenty of mobility, and it is machine washable. Additionally, there are adjustable
bungee cords on the waist so that you can customize the fit.

The Athleta jumpsuit dupe on Amazon is very similar, but the adjustable cords look different. They are much thicker and are made from the same material as the dress.

Speaking of which, the Amazon dress uses rayon and elastane, rather than Tencel Modal and spandex. Fortunately, it is still machine washable.

You can purchase this product for $29 to $38 depending on your color of choice.

Final Thoughts on Athleta Dress Dupes

Athleta is a fantastic company with premium clothing, but it is not affordable for everyone. If you want to save money, you can buy similar products from Amazon. These 11 gorgeous Athleta Dress dupes are available for you so you can look sporty and sexy all summer long.