What is the BEST Negative Underwear Dupe? | 6 Incredibly Sexy Bras (2023)

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Looking for a GREAT Negative Underwear Dupe?

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but bulky, padded, embellished push-up bras are out and simple, sexy, comfortable bras are in. And at Negative Underwear you will find the best. Negative Underwear founders, Marissa Vosper and Lauren Schwab wanted to create a Lingerie line that is back to basics.

All of their intimates are sexy yet simple and comfortable. Additionally, they are constructed from the finest European fabrics. However $65 – $75 for a small piece of fabric is pretty steep. Therefore, we scoured Amazon to find the best Negative Underwear bra dupe and found 6 incredibly sexy bras to highlight your tatas in the hottest, most natural way.

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Here are 6 Incredibly Sexy Negative Underwear Dupes

1. Negative Underwear Sieve Demi Bra Dupe

Smart & Sexy Sheer Mesh Demi Underwire Bra

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The Negative Underwear Sieve Demi Bra is airy and light but surprisingly supportive with its sheer Belgian power micro mesh and supportive under wire. This bra is unpadded and unlined (see through) and is made from 74% Nylon / 26% Spandex.

Our first Negative Underwear dupe that we found on Amazon is from Smart and Sexy. It is very similar to the original. This bra is also made from a nylon/spandex blend. It is sheer and unlined with a supportive underwire. One bonus that this bra features is 2 layers of mesh for additional coverage and support.

This affordable and sexy bra has some great reviews on Amazon. Customers love how comfortable it is, the full coverage it provides, as well as how wide the sides are. According to several reviews, this Negative Underwear bra dupe runs true to size.

2. Negative Underwear Sieve Demi Bra Dupe

Wingslove Sexy Sheer Underwire Support Bra

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Another worth Negative Underwear dupe  on our list comes from Wingslove. This gorgeous Wingslove Sexy Sheer bra shares many of the same characteristics as the Sieve Demi Bra and is also made from a nylon/spandex blend. It is sheer and unlined with a supportive underwire. This bra has excellent reviews on Amazon.

Customers love how comfortable it is, how surprisingly supportive it is, as well as its overall quality. This bra dupe is true to size as well.

A few bonuses that this negative underwear bra dupe features is a multi-way strap so you can wear it regularly or criss-crossed. It also comes with a pair of silicone nipples for extra coverage if you wish. I love the subtle lace detail above the cups as well as the jewel in the middle. So sexy!

3. Negative Underwear Sieve Triangle Bra Dupe

DKNY Sheer Stripe Bralette

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Next up in our Negative underwear dupe lineup is the Sieve Triangle Bra. This bra is quite similar to the Sieve Demi Bra with the acceptation of its shape. This bra has a deeper v-cut so it will give you even less coverage the the Demi version. The other difference is that it doesn’t have an underwire but instead a comfortable elastic band. It is available in 14 colors in sizes 1-5.

AOne of our favorite Negative Underwear dupes on our list comes from DKNY. This hot bra is available on Amazon and is also made from a nylon/spandex blend. It has a similar triangle shape and deep v-neckline.

This bra features a light mesh material that is unlined and unpadded. There is a slight striped detail along the seams. It is only available in 2 colors and in sizes Medium – XL.

The reviews were pretty good on this bra as well. Customers love how comfortable and sexy it is. A few of the reviews claim that is does run on the small side.

4. Negative Underwear Whipped Non-Wire Bra Dupe

Blue 55 Bralette Wireless Bra Top

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The fourth Negative Underwear Bra dupe on our list is for the Whipped Non-Wire Bra. The original Whipped Bra is extremely soft. On their website they claim it is so comfortable you’ll want to nap in it.

It is made from a Modal/Lycra blend and has a subtle vertical stripe effect. It looks like a sports bra but it actually has a hook and eye close with adjustable bra straps. This bra is wire free, is available in 6 colors and in sizes 0-5.

This bra comes from the brand Blue 55. It is a smokin’ hot bra that is quite similar to the original Whipped Non-Wire Bra. It features the same shape, and low neckline. It does come with removable pads but most customers took them out.

This bra received 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. Customers absolutely love how soft and comfortable it is and are surprised at how much support is provides. Additionally, the straps are adjustable and can be worn either regularly or criss-crossed. This bra is available in 26 colors and in sizes XS-L.

5. Negative Underwear Glace Triangle Bra Dupe

Knowyou Seamless Plunge Bra Deep V-Neck

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The next bra in our lineup is similar to the Glace Triangle Bra. The Glace Triangle Bra features a deep plunge neckline and a high gloss sheen. It is made from 23% Lycra and 77% Belgian stretch nylon. It has a wide elastic seam instead of a wire.

Additionally, it has adjustable straps and a hook and eye closure. The cups are double layered for extra support and coverage. This bra is available in 5 colors in sizes 0-5.

This bra comes from Knowyou. We found this sexy piece on Amazon and is similar to the original. The main difference you will notice is the straps are wider (and are not adjustable).

It also features a hook and eye closure. The back of this bra is nice and low so you can easily wear it with tops or dresses that expose part of your back.

Customers are loving this bra. The shape of it is sexy and flattering. It makes your boobs look rounder and fuller. Customers are loving the versatility of this Negative Underwear bra dupe. You can wear it for a night out look or even to the gym.

There was one complaint that it doesn’t have a lot of support if you have very large breasts. Overall, this is an excellent bra for the price.

6. Negative Underwear Sieve Bra Top Dupe

Generic Seamless Mesh Sports Bralette

negative underwear sieve bra dupes

The next bra in our lineup is similar to the Negative Underwear Sieve Bra. The Sieve Bra features a smoothing scoop neckline and a sexy see through mesh. It is made from 74% nylon and 26% spandex. It has a wide elastic seam for additional support. Additionally, it  This bra is available in 8 colors in sizes 0-5+.

The Negative Underwear dupe bra that we found on Amazon is similar to the original. The main difference you will notice is the scoop neckline on the dupe is lower, allowing you to wear lower cut shirts and dresses.

This particular bra top is available in two different variations – one with adjustable straps and the one shows that does not. It is available in black or white in sizes XS-4XL

Customers love how sexy, comfortable, and stretchy this bra top is. The main complaint was that it runs small, therefore, we recommend sizing up.

Final Thoughts on Shopping for the Perfect Negative Underwear Bra Dupe

We are not promising the same exact level of quality and construction in any of these Negative Underwear look-a-likes. However, if you are on a budget but still desire one of these beautiful bras then go ahead a take a chance on a Negative Underwear Bra dupe! We hope you love it!