5 Booty Lifting Lululemon Align Flared Pant Alternatives to Buy Now

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Recently Released: Lululemon Align Flared Pants (2023)

Lululemon is known for producing high-quality athletic and leisure wear for men and women. Their clothing is made with the best materials, and as a result, is priced fairly high. The lululemon Align High Rise Mini Flared 32” pants are a new, hot product. They are made with their iconic buttery soft nulu fabric. The material is lightweight, allowing you to move freely. Additionally, there are front and back pockets.

Unfortunately, the price is higher than most people are comfortable with it, so they turn to cheaper alternatives with a similar style. So, we will take a look at 5 budget-friendly lululemon align flared pant alternatives that are available on Amazon.

lululemon align flared pants

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Here are Our Top 5 lululemon Align Flared Pant Alternatives

lululemon Align Flared Pant Alternative #1

RIMLESS 7 Yoga Pants with Pockets

align flared pant dupe

The Rimless 7 yoga pants on Amazon are a great lululemon align flared pant alternative. They look nearly identical and feel very similar. As a result, you can purchase them if you do not feel comfortable spending over $100 on yoga pants. They are high-waisted, come with pockets, and are moisture-wicking. Even the materials have very few differences.

However, there are a few other differences. Notably, the pants are available in many more colors, and they are missing the front pockets found in the original.

Reviewers on Amazon generally love these pants, giving them a 4.4-star rating on average. They find them very comfortable, fit well, and provide a flattering shape to the wearer. The only disappointing aspect to reviewers was the fact that there are no outer pockets.

Here are the pros of buying these pants:

 Low price
 Has many features of the original from lululemon
 Comfortable
 Available in several colors

Here are some cons:

 No outside pockets

lululemon Align Flared Pant Alternative #2

BUBBLELIME High Waist Bootcut Yoga Pants

align flared pant dupe

Next up on our list of lululemon align flared pant alternatives comes in the form of these pants on Amazon. They are available for the low price of $29 and come in several colors. They have many similarities to the original, including their high waistband. These pants feel very similar, have a great fit, and can be worn for yoga. They are meant to be worn with a high waist and should fit your form very well.

However, there are a few differences. The most notable change from the original align flared pant is in the material. Lululemon’s pants are primarily made with nylon, with lycra as a secondary material. These pants are made of 90% cotton and 10% spandex. As a result, these pants will feel different. Fortunately, they are still comfortable.

You can see that it was not an issue by looking at the reviews. In over 10,000 reviews, this product received a 4.4-star rating on Amazon.

Here are the pros of buying these pants:

 Low price.
 Very similar look to the original from lululemon.
 Comfortable while being different from the original.
 Several colors are available for purchase, including unique designs.

Here are some cons:

 Not a lot of tummy control.
 Some reviewers described the pants as swishy.
 No outside pockets.

lululemon Align Flared Pant Alternative #3

Marika Tummy Control Bootleg Pant

lululemon align flared pant alternatives

Another one of our favorite lululemon align flared pant alternatives we found are available for $29 on Amazon. They has several similar features, including moisture-wicking and flexibility. They are made for yoga, and as a result, are also suitable for most low impact workouts. However, there are some differences.

These pants look a little different from the original align flared pant, mostly because of the material. Rather than using nylon as the primary material, the designers used cotton.

Furthermore, these lululemon align flared pant alternatives don’t have as high of a rise. They are meant to be worn right around the belly button.

Despite a few differences, these pants rate well among Amazon reviewers. The product has a 4.3-star rating after over 1500 reviews. Reviewers were happy with the comfort level of the pants, as well as the quality of the material. However, some reviewers did note that the sizing runs a little small. So, you might need to buy them a size up.

Here are the pros of purchasing these pants:

 Very soft and comfortable
 Available in several colors
 Low price

Here are some cons:

 No outside pockets
 The sizing runs a little small

lululemon Align Flared Pant Alternative #4

Nuveti Bootcut Yoga Pants with Pockets

lululemon align flared pants alternatives

This align flared pant alternative is the cheapest pair we will look at today, coming in at only $24 on Amazon. So, if you are budget conscious, these pants are a good option. Fortunately, they do not sacrifice quality because of the lower price. Additionally, they remain faithful to the original design. They are breathable and moisture-wicking like the original. They are also very soft, and provide tummy control.

Unfortunately, there are some differences, but they do not cause many issues. Although they are high-rise yoga pants, they sit a little lower than the lululemon align flared pant. These pants rest at your belly button rather than above them. Additionally, they are made from polyester and spandex, which is obviously different from nylon and lycra.

These pants are fairly new, and as a result, they have not received as many reviews as other products. They have a 3.9-star rating on Amazon after only 25 reviews. The positive reviews praise the color, comfort level, and look. However, some reviewers criticized the thickness of the pants and noted sizing issues.

Here are the pros of these pants:

 Comfortable
 Available in several colors
 Low pricing.

Here are the cons to consider:

 Sizing issues
 Thinner than most yoga pants

lululemon Align Flared Pant Alternative` #5

Knsbk Bootcut Yoga Pants with Hidden Pockets

lululemon align flared pant alternatives

The last pick on our list of lululemon align flared pant alternatives are also available on Amazon for   a hair under $28 on, and are available in several colors. They look very similar to the original product. Additionally, they feel very similar, which is the most important factor for many buyers. You should also be happy to hear that they feature a similar mini bootcut style to the product from lululemon.

The biggest difference you will notice between this product and the one from lululemon is in the materials. This product is primarily made from polyester and spandex. However, the texture remains similar, so it is not much of an issue. Additionally, while these pants are high-waisted, they sit slightly slower on the belly than the product from lululemon.

Nearly 850 people have reviewed this product on Amazon, and they have given an average of a 4.0-star rating to it. Reviewers thought they fit well and were very comfortable. However, some complained that the colors in the pictures did not look the same in person.

Here are some pros to consider:

 Comfortable
 Low pricing
 Great for yoga
 Good sizing

Here are the cons:

 Color in pictures is not always accurate

Final Thoughts on lululemon Align Flared Pant Alternatives

Not everyone can afford to purchase designer clothing. While we might want to, it is not reasonable to spend over $100 on every piece of clothing we own. As a result, it is necessary to find more affordable options. Fortunately, you can often find similar-looking clothing for much lower prices. Here you can find five excellent lululemon align flared pant alternatives. All are great options with good reviews on Amazon.

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